Thursday, July 31, 2014

All that was missing was a police car

This morning, I went to pick up the morning papers, as per usual, and walked right into the tail end of a botched robbery.

Seems this one fellow had tried to leave the store with a bottle of Powerade without bothering to pay for it. He'd been in line, according to the clerk, but he caught sight of her and got nervous. Instead of waiting it out, he decided to bolt. She confronted him, and as I was coming in, he threw the unopened bottle at her, but missed, as she chased him out. Expletives and threats were issued.

But instead of holding him there and calling the police, she let the guy drive off. She said that she had his license plates memorized from past encounters. I'm told he's shoplifted from the store several previous times. All they need to do is lift his image from the security cameras and forward it to the police. He's been told he's banned from the store at least twice, but apparently, either he's a glutton for trouble, or just plain ignorant of common sense. Odds are pretty good, then, that this loser will return, probably with a "little friend"..........

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