Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Classic TV: Combat! (1962)

The same year that ABC had introduced the sitcom, McHale's Navy, they also debuted a 2nd series set in World War II.

Combat! outlasted McHale by 1 year, as it ran for 5 seasons (1962-7), and continues to air around the world today, including late night & weekend airings on Me-TV.

I wish I could rightfully say I remember seeing this series, but I don't, even as a toddler. Therefore, there won't be a rating. Unlike McHale, Combat! was produced virtually in-house by network executive Selig J. Seligman's production company.

Here's the open:


magicdog said...

My dad used to watch this show back in the day - he liked it. I caught a few eps on ME-TV and it was OK - the cast really worked well together.

However, once one sees the miniseries, "Band of Brothers" - just about everything falls by the wayside. If you haven't seen that - I HIGHLY recommend it.

hobbyfan said...

By the time my alarm goes off on a Saturday morning, when Combat! airs, it's half over. I just don't recall seeing it in my younger days, not even a syndicated run.