Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrity Rock: Up, Up, & Away (1968?)

From Petticoat Junction comes an unlikely cover tune. Meredith McRae, Lori Saunders, & Linda Kaye Henning perform an acoustic version of "Up, Up, & Away", which Jimmy Webb wrote in 1967, and became  a hit that same year for the Fifth Dimension. Mike Minor (Steve) provides the captive audience.

I think the song was edited for time.


magicdog said...

I caught a few eps from this era of PJ and noticed there were a lot of similar "musical moments". Somehow there was a contrived reason for the girls or Steve to sing since the storylines must have been too boring for viewers.

Still - nice to hear a different take of this tune.

hobbyfan said...

Too bad they never released an album from the show, did they?