Friday, July 11, 2014

Videos of Summer: Summertime Blues (1958)

Eddie Cochran released only one album before his untimely, tragic passing at 21, but he left a lasting legacy with his most successful hit.

"Summertime Blues" has been covered by artists as diverse as Blue Cheer, The Who, Alan Jackson, and Cheech Marin (who used it in 2 of his movies), but it is Cochran's original version that will likely get a lion's share of airplay this time of year.

The following clip was from Town Hall Party, one of the various dance shows inspired by American Bandstand back in the day.


magicdog said...

Still love this tune - as fresh now as it was when it was first released! Just the right amount of teenage rebellion.

Cochran was definitely cut down too soon.

hobbyfan said...

Yah, I can picture "Blues" being coupled with a James Dean movie.