Friday, October 31, 2014

Creepy TV: The Evil Touch (1973)

In the early 70's, US audiences were getting acquainted with programs based on British shows, and there were still some imports from England (i.e. The Persuaders). But there was more from the UK.

The Evil Touch was the first series produced in Australia that wasn't a cartoon or aimed at children to hit American screens. Wikipedia claims that it aired on NBC, but I have no memory or record of the series airing on any of the American networks. Locally, the then-NBC affiliate did have syndication rights to the show, and aired it on various days, usually on Sunday afternoons.

Distinguished actor Anthony Quayle served as host. The episodes, based on the copyright at the end of the closing credits, appeared to have been produced in 1972, but went to air a year later globally. I think what the producers wanted was to develop a series similar in style to a NBC series from the 60's, Thriller, hosted by another British screen legend, Boris Karloff. However, Touch lasted just 1 season to Thriller's 2.

Following is a sample open/close to an episode headlined by Harry Guardino (The New Perry Mason).

Australian shows would be imported to the US sporadically (i.e. Prisoner: Cell Block H), but few have been successful. At least they have something in common with the ITC & Thames imports from England.....

Rating: B.

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