Monday, October 6, 2014

Geoffrey Holder (1930-2014)

They likely dimmed the lights on Broadway tonight, in memory of multi-talented Geoffrey Holder, who passed away Saturday at 84 from pneumonia.

Holder, an accomplished painter as well as an actor and choreographer, will be remembered for 2 Tony Awards for choreography, both for "The Wiz" during its initial Broadway run in the 70's. Holder also starred as the seemingly indestructible voodoo master, Baron Samedi, opposite Roger Moore in "Live & Let Die", and as Punjab, the bodyguard, in the original musical adaptation of "Annie". Holder's last film role in a major production was just a couple of years ago, when he narrated "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory".

However, Holder will likely be better remembered by millions for his work as a commercial pitchman for 7-Up. Scope out this classic spot, in which Holder passes off a lemon and a lime as "uncola beans".

Rest in peace, Geoffrey. They're serving 7-Up in Heaven, just for you.

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