Monday, October 13, 2014

Remember Jimmy the Cab Driver? (1994)

The face might not be so familiar, but the voice might. 20 years ago, Donal Logue made a series of in-house ads for MTV as cab driver Jimmy McBride, this after having made his film debut 2 years earlier in "Sneakers" with Robert Redford and Dan Aykroyd, among others. Today, with a resume that includes Grounded For Life, The Knights of Prosperity, Vikings, Copper, Sons of Anarchy, The X-Files, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Logue may be putting himself in line for an Emmy as corrupt detective Harvey Bullock on Gotham. Like, who knew that goofy cabbie would end up like this?


magicdog said...

I DO remember this!

I first came across Donal Logue in "The Tao Of Steve", then he turned up on "Grounded For Life" and I thought it was a great show!

Seeing him in Gotham just shows how smart the casting dept. is: they acquired a great cast to bring the best out of the show. Logue as Bullock comes across as flawed but real. Not a bad man per se (at this point), just someone who goes with the flow as a member of the GCPD because he hasn't known any other way - and probably doesn't think being a moral crusader is worth getting killed over.

hobbyfan said...

Bullock was the same way in the books when he was introduced over 30 years ago, but then the character has matured, evolved, and mellowed over time. Even was a government agent for a while in the late 80's!

I'm digging Gotham, but it has its haters.