Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dynasty Pro Wrestling @ Troy Boys & Girls Club, 10/25/14

After an absence of nearly 18 months, pro wrestling returned to the Troy Boys & Girls Club on Saturday night, as Ultimate Wrestling welcomed a new promotion into town.

Dynasty Pro Wrestling is the brainchild of local wrestler and reality TV star Chris Envy (ex-Wife Swap), who didn't wrestle on this card, but the stage is set for him to return to action on a future show. The crowd was small and enthusiastic, there were lights and a ramp at the entrance area, and the show was being recorded for a future DVD release, for which they were taking pre-sale orders.

You'll have to bear with me on the results. The sound was jacked up, making it impossible for me, sitting in the bleachers, to make out most of the names.

1. Loco de Vitta def. Marcus Facts. Loco pulled the ol' switcheroo near the end. The first Loco was a small guy, cruiserweight level, but at a key point in the match, he went under the ring, essentially luring Marcus, billed as weighing "15 Webster's Dictionaries", into a trap. Marcus made it all the way across, but when Loco reappeared, he had a sudden, well, growth spurt, if you will. Loco II chokeslammed Marcus and won the match, while the original Loco would later reappear during intermission.

2. The Party Patrol def. South Philly's Finest. SPF stormed the ring and cut a promo on NY sports fans. Unfortunately, all the heat died there. Kyle Brad, last seen with Ultimate Wrestling East as its Interstate champion last June, makes up 1/2 of the Party Patrol.

3. Non-title: Cam Zigotti def. Anthony Bagnole via DQ when Bagnole, this promotion's US champ, refused to break the crossface while Zignotti was in the ropes on the ref's 5 count. Envy came back out, so I'm assuming his issue is with Bagnole.

4. Donovan Dijak (w/Fenris Fortune) def. Viper (Adam Badger) and Blue Rocker (?) in a handicap match. Fortune was doing color commentary for the DVD, then left the desk to bring out Dijak. El squashola. Badger gave himself away with the "Spectacle" on the back of his tights. He hasn't won a match in this building yet, and this didn't help.

5. Captain Wayno def. Tyreck in a quick squash. Nothing more.

6. Next up was an open challenge issued by a female wrestler, whose name was lost to the sound system. Kenny Roberts answered the challenge, and it looked like this would be another squash. However, after twice slamming his opponent's knee into the post, Roberts---and everyone else, for that matter---was stunned to see Mike Mitchell come out to make the save. The ref never rang the bell. Think Umaga vs. Maria Kanellis in WWE several years ago. Mitchell ain't exactly John Cena, but you get the idea. Envy made his final appearance of the evening and made the next match.....

7. Mitchell def. Roberts. I kept thinking there was a swerve of some kind, but that thankfully wasn't the case.

8. Foxx Vinyer, working as a babyface this time, def. Travis Dorian, managed by Mister Mann. Mann was last here 3 years ago with the Ohio-based Conquest Pro Wrestling when they had a joint promotion with the short-lived Skull Wrestling Federation. Mann got involved frequently, and paid for it after the match. Vinyer, who had a title belt with him during intermission, didn't bring it out for the match, so that might've been for another promotion to show off to the homies. Billed as being from Troy, though the last I knew, Vinyer was based out of Watervliet. Meh. Very even bout, despite Mann's persistent interference, and Vinyer won with a Falcon Arrow.

Speaking with a rep from a video company working on the show before bell time, I was told the next show is set for December 6. All in all, a decent show. The online ticket agent working with the promotion, however, got the site confused with another Boys & Girls Club in North Troy, listing that location on their website, and not the downtown club. That confusion may have resulted in some online ticket holders missing out on all the fun. Hopefully, that will not happen this time. The only other quibble was that posters didn't go up in downtown until 8 days before the show, which I'm told does make some sense, though this was a bit risky.

Before we go, we'll pay tribute to Southern wrestling legend Douglas "Ox" Baker, who passed away earlier this week. Perhaps the only other man aside from Stan Stasiak to have popularized the heart punch back in the day, Baker gained national attention on a different forum 33 years ago, when he was a contestant on The Price Is Right, back when Bob Barker was still hosting the show........

Rest in peace, Ox.

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