Friday, December 12, 2014

On The Air: Justice For All with Cristina Perez (2012)

With all the courtroom shows on the air these days, someone was bound to eventually develop a fictionalized version. Comedian-turned-entertainment mogul Byron Allen (ex-Real People) has three of them.

It wasn't enough that he gave a judge's robe to lawyer Gloria Allred (We The People), hoping she'd make a convincing judge. He signed Emmy winner Cristina Perez (ex-Cristina's Court) to front another fictional court show, Justice For All with Cristina Perez, now in its 3rd season. Scope out a sample clip:

To be honest with you, I thought this was another cookie cutter courtroom show, but it's anything but, and when it's surrounded by other courtroom shows, you can't tell the difference, unless you read a disclaimer on the screen at the end of the show.

Rating: C.

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