Monday, December 29, 2014

Weasel of the Week: Johnny Manziel

I've believed all along that Johnny Manziel left Texas A & M too soon. He has become a case study in taking way too much stock in one's press clippings.

Manziel started exactly one game this season for Cleveland-----and got shelled by Cincinnati. He ended up with a hamstring injury, and didn't play the season finale. Cleveland, which was on the verge of a playoff spot, ended up in its customary spot in the cellar. Then, it comes out that Manziel threw a party at his house for some of his teammates, and a few of them were suspended by coach Mike Pettine for the game. Manziel even was late for a team meeting or practice during the week.

Bear in mind, too, that Manziel had claimed he was growing up. Unfortunately, that ended up being about as hollow as a certain Snickers commercial he made......

Johnny Jam-Boogie? How about Johnny Weasel? Yep, the party boy gets the weasel ears this week for hypocrisy, more than anything else.

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