Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What Might've Been: Dear Phoebe (1954)

To most, Peter Lawford was one of the "Rat Pack", with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, et al., but he'd had a pretty decent run in television. It just wasn't as successful as the rest of the gang.

Lawford's 1st series was a 1-year sitcom, Dear Phoebe, which aired in 1954. Lawford played a newspaper columnist who wrote an advice column, from whence we get the show's title. Yes, he was writing a column supposedly being written by a woman. Awkward, no?

The TV show which Lawford is most associated with, of course, was an adaptation of The Thin Man, and we'll get to that another time. Here, then, is the intro:

Rating: B-.

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