Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Classic TV: The Goldbergs (1949)

Several months back, I was doing some channel surfing, and happened across Jewish Life TV (JLTV for short), which has been home to a number of classic series from the 50's, and even has Soupy Sales' late 70's series often mixed in with his original show.

One of those hidden treasures, if you will, is The Goldbergs, spun off from the radio show of the same name, created by actress-writer Gertrude Berg, who launched the radio version 20 years earlier. Historians look at the radio show as both a sitcom and a soap opera. Go figure. The TV version, however, underwent a number of cast changes in the course of 7 seasons. Not only that, but it went through 3 networks (CBS, NBC, DuMont) before finishing in 1st-run syndication. It won't be confused with the current Goldbergs, airing on ABC, by any stretch.

Gertrude Berg tried a modest comeback in the 60's with The Gertrude Berg Show, aka Mrs. G. Goes to College, a sitcom from Four Star that failed to connect. After that series ended, Berg settled into retirement.

Following is the episode, "The Distinguished Guest":

Rating: B.

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