Sunday, April 19, 2015

Forgotten TV: Dog & Cat (1977)

During the summer months back in the day, networks often burned off shows that weren't good enough to air during the regular season. These programs often lasted anywhere from 6-10 weeks, then would fade back into the archives, never to be seen again.

One such case was Dog & Cat, which anchored ABC's Saturday night lineup in the summer of 1977. The term "Dog & Cat" was police slang for a male/female team of police officers. That being the case, you could say that, in the 80's, a better version came along in the form of Hunter (previously reviewed).

Dog & Cat was a sort of reward for actor Lou Antonio, his first starring role after years of guest roles on other shows, such as Star Trek (where he was famously paired with Frank Gorshin). Kim Basinger was a relative newcomer at the time, looking for her big break, which would come in movies a few years later.

There will be no rating, as I never saw the show, but mind the Italian voice over accompanying the intro. The video was uploaded by an Italian Basinger fan.


magicdog said...

ber watching this one, but I know I've heard the them song before.

Maybe it was used in commercials or some other venue (the theme to Brisco County Jr. was used for the 1996 Olympics)

hobbyfan said...

I know my folks watched it, but I didn't, which is why I didn't rate it.