Monday, April 20, 2015

Musical Interlude: Fallen Angel (1988)

In the late 80's, "hair metal" was all over MTV like a cheap suit. You couldn't get away from it.

Poison was one of the bands at the forefront of the "hair metal" movement, and while some of their songs were the usual, there were some story songs that had deeper meanings.

"Fallen Angel" falls into this category. It tells the tale of a young girl who shocks her folks by deciding she's relocating to California to seek her fortune. She falls in with a sleazy modeling agent, but finds that to him, she's just another girl. Model-actress Susie Hatton was dating lead singer Bret Michaels at the time, and, so it's fitting, really, that it's Bret who shows up at the end of the video to give our wayward starlet-in-waiting a ride while another girl arrives with the same dreams. The cycle goes on.

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