Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dynasty Pro Wrestling @ Troy Boys & Girls Club, 4/4/15

The Troy Boys & Girls Club hosted Dynasty Pro Wrestling's "Driven" on Saturday night in front of a standing room only crowd. Still some issues with the sound system, which ring announcer Matthew James would later attribute to the speakers, but, ehhh......

1. Vik Dalishus went to a No Contest with Poco de Risa. Poco, wearing a Shark Boy mask, pulled the size switcheroo under the ring after getting press-slammed over the top by the former Ultimate Wrestling East champ. I knew what was going to happen next, even if the guy next to me didn't. The ref lost control of this one and threw it out.

2. Aiden Andrews def. Chuck Deep due to interference from Brad Wesley. Wesley plays the cowardly heel so well, but facially, now that I've had a good look at him, he reminds me of Jason Hervey as Wayne from The Wonder Years, and a little bit of Seth Green, too. As in Scott Evil from the Austin Powers movies. Deep wanted Wesley, but "Bad" Brad stayed at the announce table until a ref bump gave him an opening. Unfortunately, it led to one of the worst brass knux spots in human history.

3. The Mann Sons (Captain Wayno, billed as Insano Wayno by Mister Mann, and Travis Dorian) def. the Excerguys. Wayno's gimmick, as noted last time, is akin to George Steele in the late 80's, though the doll is now a puppet, and Eugene a decade ago. Wayno was being destroyed while Dorian left the ring and talked to the announcers. Mann had to plead with Dorian to come back. He did, and tagged himself in while Wayno was on offense. After an elbow drop, Dorian swooped in and made the cover.

Fenris Fortune left the desk to do his talk show, Money Talks. Guest: The Easter Bunny. Lame. Fortune cut a heel promo, and if you didn't know what was coming, you'd be embarrassed. Bunny low-blows Fortune and unmasks to reveal Chris Envy underneath. Envy is giving up being the figurehead GM to enter a tournament to determine the 1st champion, which starts next month.

4. Shady upset Ben Ortiz. Yes, I said upset. Ortiz dominated, but missed a corner charge. Shady with a schoolboy, and a win. Ortiz destroyed him after, then got a good look at his likely next opponent......

Yep, Hurricane (Gregory Shane Helms) blew into town and cut a promo of mostly fat jokes about Ortiz. No one saw this coming, except for a last minute poster that was at one of the merchandise tables.........!

And, then, the main attraction of the evening.......

After intermission, Jake "The Snake" Roberts came to the ring and gave an anti-drug speech, appropriate considering the venue. He felt he had one more match in him, so of course a challenger showed up in the form of Tyrek.

5. Roberts def. Tyrek. Jake sold for Tyrek, and made him look like a future star. You knew the DDT was coming, but it was just a question of when. Yes, there was a snake, too.

6. Wolfgar, a newcomer, def. Foxx Vinyer. Foxx had a valet with him, likely his girlfriend or wife. Didn't help. Wolf won his debut, and could be a playa down the line.

7. Brad Wesley def. Kyle Brad. Brad said in a pre-match promo that if he beat Wesley, "Bad" Brad would have to face Chuck Deep next time. So, of course, Wesley screened the ref from a low blow, then hit three kicks to the head to get the win and avoid the inevitable.

8. Valkyrie, a "video warrior" dressed like a ninja, won a fatal 4-way over Davienne, Ms. Belmont, & Sammi Pandora. A 5th woman, the Iron Maiden, entered after and destroyed Valkyrie and Pandora.

9. Sean Burke def. King Kekoa. Kekoa wasted too much time trying to get himself over as "royalty", demanding people bow before him. Burke won a back & forth match with the TKO.

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro, advertised only for a meet & greet pre-show, was a late scratch from what I understand. Roberts was in the area on Friday at Rotterdam Square Mall. Matt James said the May card would be at a mall, with more info to follow on the promotion's website and/or Facebook page, as early as next week. Local star Dalton Castle wasn't there this time, as instead he was working the Ring of Honor tapings in San Antonio. Sign of things to come, methinks.

Updated, 4/24/15: The next show is Mall Brawl, set for Rotterdam Square Mall's TJ Maxx location, on Saturday, May 30. Troy fans will see the 3rd annual Diamonds Are Forever show in August. WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware has been signed for Mall Brawl, so the Dynasty has hit on a winning formula.

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