Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dunce Cap Award: Johnny Manziel

I've said all along that Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel turned pro a little too early. So did Tampa Bay's Jameis Winston, but while Winston is an NFL rookie this season, Manziel is a second year pro who's running the risk of throwing his career in the trunk already.

You'll recall last year's lame Snickers commercial in which Manziel adopted the alias, "Johnny Jam-Boogie" as an aerobics instructor. He's still Johnny Boogie, as in Johnny Boogie Fever, hitting the clubs after telling people he'd take advantage of the Browns having extra time off after a Thursday night game (which they lost to then-undefeated Cincinnati) to "relax". Photos surfaced, which made coach Mike Pettine upset enough to bench Manziel and reinstall opening day starter Josh McCown as the starter for the Browns' next game, a divisional battle vs. Baltimore. Online wags are wondering if Manziel's days in Cleveland are numbered. I'd say, yes.

Once again, Manziel's immaturity has gotten in the way of his progress as an NFL QB. He left Texas A & M too early (he'd be a senior this year, and the Aggies need him, apparently) to chase the money. He expected to start right away, but that's not how it works. Unlike that other well known NFL frat boy, New England's Rob Gronkowski, there's little likeable about Manziel, who gets a Dunce Cap this week for his immature approach to his pro career. It's no wonder he didn't get any commercial endorsements this season. Madison Avenue doesn't want him, either.

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