Friday, November 20, 2015

In Theatres (NOT!): When An Alien Robot Crash-Lands in Troy, NY (2015)

To paraphrase ESPN's Kenny Mayne, the simplicity of this film amuses me. Really, it does.

Bobby Kendall's silent film, "When An Alien Robot Crash-Lands in Troy, NY", had its premiere just three weeks ago at the Albany Public Library, and tonight, crosses the river for a hometown screening at the Troy Public Library's downtown branch.

The beauty of this film, indeed, lies in its simplicity. The robot is our guide through a tour of downtown & South Troy, including a jaunt through the outdoor Farmers' Market, shot as it was during the summer. The setting is early August, which was probably the day it was filmed.

Kendall and his band, lastdayshining, provided a live musical score, as the library converted its 2nd floor reference room into an impromptu theatre/performance space. The fact that there were more people than seats provided speaks well of the prospects for future events down the road, and the library's board of trustees would be well advised to consider that idea.

To break the film down into simple terms, the robot represents the curious child in all of us, as it looks with a mixture of amazement, curiosity, and, perhaps, disbelief at its surroundings. Ironically, while the film was meant to be a family movie, a couple of children couldn't maintain their focus, and kept moving from the front of the "theatre" to the back, and back again. Apparently, they've never been in a real theatre before.

Kendall also provides a trailer.

At 52 minutes, "Alien Robot" makes its point. That's really all that needs be said.

Rating: A.

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