Monday, November 23, 2015

Forgotten TV: Wally's Workshop (1972)

Long before Bob Vila made his fortune teaching folks how to improve their homes, former newsman and What's My Line? host Wally Bruner was doing just that.

Bruner left Line after 4 seasons (1968-72) to create and host Wally's Workshop, aided by his 2nd wife, Natalie, whom he met when she was a contestant on Line. The redoubtable Johnny Olsen served as announcer, one of the rare times where he wasn't working on a game show.

Locally, Wally's Workshop aired on Sunday mornings, ahead of a locally produced bowling show. However, while research shows Workshop lasted approximately 13 seasons (1972-85), I don't recall it being on past the mid-point of the 70's, which suggests that the local station, now a CBS affiliate, dropped the show after about a year or three.

Here, then, is a sample episode.

I look at it this way. It was better than watching a variety show imported from Italy without subtitles.

Rating: A.

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