Sunday, November 22, 2015

Musical Interlude: Wild, Wild Life (1986)

We talked before about the issues between Talking Heads frontman David Byrne and his label, Sire Records, as it related to Byrne's 1986 film, "True Stories". Byrne felt it best that a soundtrack CD featuring the film's cast would be released, but the suits at Sire opted instead for the Heads to record the same songs themselves.

The video for "Wild, Wild Life" is mostly movie footage, which includes the band members (Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Chris Franz, Tina Weymouth) joining in on the fun in quick cameos. The husband & wife team of Franz & Weymouth impersonated Prince and his then-squeeze, Apollonia, for example. Harrison dressed up as Billy Idol. Byrne appeared as himself and a couple of other "characters". Throw in John Goodman, and, well......!

Now, compare the video with the lip-sync parade as depicted in the movie. Latin musician Tito Larriva is among the performers.

Byrne later released "Sounds From True Stories", which was released on LP & cassette only, as it is not available on CD, which sucks.

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