Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weasel of the Week: Matthew Mills

Next month marks the 3-year anniversary of Adam Lanza's senseless assault upon Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Ct.. Unfortunately, there are still idiots out there that think the massacre wasn't real.

Matthew Mills is one of these imbecilic "truthers" who sold his brains to follow a big lie.

On Saturday, a 5K road race named in memory of one of the victims, Victoria Soto, was run, but disrupted by Mills, who got the attention of the cops, tried to run away, and was eventually arrested. The sad part about it is that Mills actually had enough cash to post a $10,000 bond, and will face a court hearing next week.

What this moron needs is a psychiatric evaluation, and if he's got the money to bail himself out of jail, he can find the best psych help he can find to cure his delusion, and likewise, those like-minded, misguided souls that believe, as he does, that the government somehow staged the incident. I highly doubt that to be the case, of course, because why would the government sacrifice nearly 2 dozen civilians at an elementary school?

The fact that it took four days after the Soto race took place before any of this made the papers tells me this is something that isn't as newsworthy as it might've been two years ago, upon the 1st anniversary of the attack.

All Mills and other morons like him are doing is further traumatizing the families of the victims. It's coming upon three years. Let it go, and enjoy your Weasel ears, Mills.

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