Sunday, September 25, 2016

God appreciates co-ed sports. Too bad they didn't teach that in Arizona

Let me start with a personal note.

I attended a Christian school, long since closed now, in the hometown for 2 seasons before transferring to Troy High. In 1978, the school initiated what would be a short-lived athletic program based on merit and "priveleges" which would fill out the all-male rosters. The female students were cheerleaders. We played at least one game against a school that fielded a co-ed (men & women playing together) roster. The girls would cross their arms over their chests for protection. All we boys had to do go around them to avoid a collision. I know I did.

I've also played on a co-ed community softball team fielded by a local charity. We only had one or two women play in the course of the 5 years I was on the team (1983-6, 1990), and only one was a regular (1986). Growing up in the North Central section of Troy, it was normal for the kids on the block, men & women both, to play pick-up games of softball or kickball after school or during the summer.

My point? A poster on Google Groups posted a link to a Deadspin article that tells of an Arizona Christian school that decided to forfeit a soccer match because the opposing team has two women on their roster. Those two girls were benched in an earlier game, but the team voted to play the full roster this time.

Now, what could be so wrong? Seems to me the forfeit was a coward's way out to avoid the likely embarrassment of either one of the two ladies scoring a goal in the game, were it played. I keep reading online stories about how some young ladies are being forced to adhere to absurd dress codes, especially in the South, because parents and administrators there think that all boys, once they reach puberty, have to avoid the temptation of impure thoughts. In sports, you're taught to have respect for your opponent, regardless of gender. God would tell us the same thing.

Maybe they need to add classes in sportsmanship.......!

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