Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Might've Been: Instant Recall (1990)

While "tabloid television" was starting to take over syndicated daytime, there was a news magazine series of a different kind swimming against the tide.

Instant Recall lasted just one season (1990-1), and deserved a better fate. The goal of producer-packager King World was to create a series that appealed to baby boomers, who were otherwise shunned by advertisers who targeted younger viewers.

Former NBC newscaster John Palmer was tapped as host/narrator. Part of the reason the show failed, one might guess, would be that it wasn't fixated on one particular day per episode, but rather cris-crossed the timestream. One such example is in this sample episode.

King World would also enter the "tabloid television" business with Inside Edition, which is still going strong today. As you're doubtlessly aware if you are a fan of Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! or even Inside, King World was absorbed by CBS some time back.

Rating: A.

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