Thursday, September 1, 2016

What Might've Been: The Jean Arthur Show (1966)

Universal supplied CBS with not one, but two new sitcoms in 1966 to replace The Munsters. We've already seen Pistols & Petticoats, so let's take a look at The Jean Arthur Show.

Arthur plays a lawyer, working in partnership with her son (Ron Harper, ex-87th Precinct). That plays a vital role in the sample episode we're going to show. Mother & son are on opposite sides of a case involving a cranky businessman and a rooster, belonging to a neighbor's son (Clint Howard). Olan Soule (ex-Captain Midnight) plays the judge.

Standard sitcom fare, and there were a lot of sitcoms back then. Perhaps too many, forcing this show off the air. Its replacement? Another Universal entry we've previously covered. Mr. Terrific.

Ron Harper would move back to drama with Garrison's Gorillas the next year, while Clint Howard parlayed this gig into Gentle Ben.

Rating: B-.

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