Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Musical Interlude: Winning (1981)

Santana's "Winning" dominated radio airwaves in the summer and fall of 1981, right after ye scribe graduated from high school. Unfortunately, it didn't quite crack the top of the Hot 100, and was #2 on the "Mainstream Rock Tracks" chart, a minor chart used by Billboard.

At least, after 35 years, since I've never seen this music video until today, we have a face---and a name---to match the voice on the track. The lead singer here is Alex Ligertwood. Hasn't been heard from much since.

It wasn't until Carlos Santana released "Supernatural", and began using a collection of guest vocalists, such as Rob Thomas and Chad Kroeger, on the singles, that the guitar legend was back on the charts. Too bad Charlie Sheen never considered this song as his personal theme a few years ago.

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