Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Classic TV: Sheriff of Cochise (1956)

Sheriff of Cochise was a syndicated series that ran for four seasons total, the last two under the title, U. S. Marshal. John Bromfield starred as Frank Morgan, the titular lawman who maintained the peace in Cochise County in Arizona.

Desilu packaged the series with National Telefilm of America (NTA), but you wonder why this ended up in syndication when it could've been on a network.

In this sample episode, Morgan returns from a month's vacation, part of it spent with the National Guard, to find the county flooded with slot machines, and a jealous former sheriff (Jack Albertson) looking to take back his badge. John Doucette also guest stars.

No, it really wasn't a Western per se, since it was set in more modern times, just in case anyone asks.

Rating: B.

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