Sunday, May 20, 2018

Joseph Campanella (1924-2018)

He was a steady, reliable presence on television for several decades, with a resume that includes The Bold Ones, Mannix, One Day at a Time, Days of Our Lives, & The Golden Girls, just to name a few. Hollywood this weekend has been mourning the passing of character actor Joseph Campanella at 93.

He played Joe Mannix's boss in season 1 of Mannix, but, he was gone soon after. On The Bold Ones, Campanella teamed with James Farentino and Burl Ives in The New Lawyers.

In the 80's, Campanella moved into daytime television, appearing on Days, and hosted a Canadian children's program, Science International, known here in the US as What Will They Think of Next? when it aired on Nickelodeon. Following is a clip:

Campanella also was a pitchman for Quaker State motor oil and NAPA auto parts, among many sponsors during the course of his career.

Rest in peace, Joseph.


Mike Doran said...

Just got around to looking at this post.
To make sure, I double-checked the DVD of Batman's first season.
"Inspector Bash" was played by Michael Fox, a craggy old character actor who inadvertently forced a young Canadian guy to add a middle initial to his name (but that's another story …).
As best as I can find, Joe Campanella was never on Batman.

hobbyfan said...

Heh, for years I thought it was Campanella. The clip you refer to is available on YouTube. Just checked it, and, yep, you're right again. I've corrected the original post.