Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Forgotten TV: Your Best Friend (1985)

In the 80's, evangelist Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network actually had a space on cable systems across the country. Today, that same space is occupied by Freeform (formerly ABC Family and Fox Family, Family Channel, and CBN), with a proviso that Robertson's long running 700 Club remains on the schedule.

There were quite a few interstitals that acted as public service announcements, scattered all along the schedule, mixed in with commercials. One of these was Your Best Friend, a series of 2 minute PSA's, sponsored by Kal Kan, that offered tips for you and your dog (man's best friend). Actor Clint Walker (ex-Cheyenne) is our host.

In memory of Walker, who passed away at 90.

Rating for Your Best Friend: A.

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