Sunday, May 27, 2018

Weasel of the Week: Kanye West

"Can't nothin' bring me shame!"--"Weird" Al Yankovic, "Tacky".

That line certainly describes Kanye West, who, in promoting and producing Pusha T's new CD, "Daytona", wasted $85,000 on a 12 year old National Enquirer photo of the bathroom of the late singer, Whitney Houston. Said room was reportedly filled with drug paraphenalia, and West is using the photo as the "Daytona" CD cover.

Not everyone is happy with West's latest screwball decision, including Damon Elliott, Houston's cousin, who spoke out to People on the subject. For all of his supposed genius, West looks more and more like a fraud in a drug induced haze of his own, trampling on the memory of a beloved star of the 80's & 90's, strictly for personal gain, not just Pusha T's, but his own.

There are those who are calling for West to change the album cover, but as of this morning, there've been no plans in that direction. If enough people shame West into doing so, then there stands the risk that there are already copies out there that will become collector's items if/when the cover is changed to something that would be 1) more contemporary and 2) appropriate.

Unsurprisingly, the last time West made headlines wasn't that long ago, when he expressed his support for that other shameless self-promoter, President Donald Trump, claiming the world's oldest man-child inspired him to announce a run for President in 2020---which probably won't come off anyway, the product of little more than a perpetual fever dream.

As a result, West gets yet another set of Weasel ears, and, we hope, someone has the cajones to play an endless medley of Houston's hits, with a side order of Jimmy Buffett's "Come Monday", which references a drug induced haze in its lyrics, in dedication to this hopelessly brain-dead "artist".

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