Monday, November 16, 2009

Edward Woodward (1930-2009)

Most of you might remember Edward Woodward for either films such as "The Wicker Man" or the popular mid-80's series, The Equalizer. Woodward passed away earlier today in London at 79. Woodward's last film to date was 2007's "Hot Fuzz" with Simon Pegg, among others. What I didn't know until reading about Woodward's passing in Ivan Shreve's Thrilling Days of Yesteryear blog was that Woodward was also a recording artist during the course of a 60-plus year career in show business. Not sure if any of his records were ever released here in the US, even during his Equalizer days.

Let me also take the time to note the passing of noted sitcom writer David Lloyd, whose many credits include Frasier, Cheers, & The Mary Tyler Moore Show, for the latter of which Lloyd wrote the legendary episode, "Chuckles Bites the Dust".

Rest in peace, gentlemen. You will be missed.

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