Friday, October 1, 2010

Stephen J. Cannell (1941-2010)

You know his body of television work. A-Team. Greatest American Hero. Hunter. 21 Jump Street. Tenspeed & Brown Shoe. Renegade. Silk Stalkings. He's also been an author. But on Thursday, Stephen J. Cannell passed away at 69 after a bout with melanoma.

Cannell wrote for series like The Rockford Files, Adam-12, Black Sheep Squadron, & It Takes a Thief before branching out on his own in the 80's. Everyone knows the "logo" of his production company:

Cannell also acted occasionally on Renegade as a recurring villain. He turned to writing books when the wellspring of television hits dried up in the late 90's. In fact, he has a novel that will be released posthumously later this month.

Rest in peace, Stephen.

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