Monday, January 3, 2011

Anne Francis (1930-2011)

Less than a month after the passing of her "Forbidden Planet" co-star, Leslie Nielsen, actress Anne Francis passed away over the weekend at 80.

In addition to "Planet", Ms. Francis may be better known to baby boomers for her role as glamorous, karate-chopping detective Honey West, whose 1965 series was spun off from Burke's Law. Here's the open to Honey West:

My first real exposure to Honey came when reruns aired on FX several years back, in the network's formative years, before they began making like other cable nets and shoving reruns of certain series down the viewers' throats. It was just a shame the series lasted just one season, and would be the last major project for Anne Francis. I never saw "Forbidden Planet", so at least there was the next best thing.

Rest in peace, Anne.

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