Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011)

Comics and animation fans will recognize the name of Dwayne McDuffie for his work in both fields over the last 20-25 years. McDuffie started his career as a writer for first Marvel, and later DC Comics, and was one of the co-founders of Milestone Media, a company that specialized in creating African-American superheroes.

McDuffie passed away on Monday, one day after his 49th birthday, less than a week after attending a premiere for WB's latest DC direct-to-video movie, All Star Superman, which, ironically, is in stores today. McDuffie wrote the script for the film, and had previously shepherded one of his Milestone creations, Static, to television, leading to the Kids' WB! series, Static Shock, which launched in 2000. McDuffie was also a writer and producer for Justice League Unlimited, and while at Marvel created the miniseries, Damage Control, as well as having written a revival of the 70's anti-hero, Deathlok.

As of this writing, no one is sure about the cause of death, but what is certain is that a very talented, innovative, creative force was taken too soon. Rest in peace, Dwayne.

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