Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Poster Child for Extreme Stupidity

I originally wrote this for in the wake of Sunday's TNA Victory Road pay-per-view.
I've often referred to TNA as "Totally Negligent Airheaded" Wrestling, and Sunday's Victory Road PPV was an example of that, especially in the World title match.

Much has already been made of Jeff Hardy, the former champion, being in no condition to compete, and thus was squashed by Sting in under 90 seconds, a record for a TNA World title match. Sting wasn't happy, understandably. Eric Bischoff tried to call an audible by making it no-DQ at the last minute, citing the title change that aired 10 days earlier as an excuse, but all that got him was getting quickly KO'd by Sting.

Sting is in his 50's, and has been in the business about twice as long as Jeff Hardy. As a born again Christian, it must be tearing him up inside seeing how the business he loves so much has deteriorated to the point where there was no accountability for last night's debacle. The blame goes in a number of different directions.

*Hardy is as much at fault as anyone. He got married days before the PPV, but that would be no legit excuse. He appeared, according to reports, to be clearly stoned or drunk, depending on whose account you read, and should never have been allowed to go out there.

*Bischoff and head writer Vince Russo deserve a large chunk of the blame. They had to have known right before the start of the PPV that Hardy was in no condition to go, and yet, they let him go on. Bischoff, as noted above, did what he could to save it, protecting both champ & challenger because of Sting's own nagging injuries, but it was an epic fail. The #1 contender's match between Rob Van Dam & Ken Anderson, which ended in a double-countout, could've carried over by having both men added to the match, making it a fatal 4-way, but by then, time was no longer a factor. There wasn't enough left. The blame for that, of course, falls on Russo & Bischoff for not holding Hardy accountable for his condition.

*By that same token, co-owners Jeff Jarrett & Dixie Carter have to be held accountable. Dixie is working behind the scenes because of her current angle, but with Jarrett as part of the same heel stable with Hardy & Bischoff, he has to take a good deal of the blame, too.

*Same goes for Jeff's brother, Matt, just hired a couple of months ago on Jeff's recommendation. Yes, Matt has packed on a few pounds, and you wonder if he's been on the same bong, if you will, as Jeff has of late, given his wacky online antics before leaving WWE last year. But, of all the people closest to Jeff, Matt has to be the one to be held accountable the most. He has to play brother's keeper, for no other reason than to save both their jobs. There is already a clamor for Jeff's 2nd tour of duty in TNA to come to an end with his firing. TNA already canned him once, six years ago. WWE doesn't want him back, I don't think, until his court case is finally resolved, and that needs to move forward. The continuances have to stop. The next date is in one week, and Jeff can forget the excuses. He needs to man up and accept the consequences for his actions yesterday!

I don't see Jeff remaining in TNA too much longer, because the Carters won't put up with his nonsense, and if not them, definitely Spike TV, TNA's TV partner. Matt may not be long for the promotion, either, if Jeff gets cut loose. Let's face it. The Hardy Boyz have run their course in this business, and have become like so many of the tired acts TNA brings in with the excuse that name value still means ratings. Not in 2011, it doesn't. The audience has already spoken, with the ratings having already crested. WWE still has fresher stars on the rise in the likes of Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, and so on. They're the guys people want to see, not the older, hanging on to their careers by threads types like the Hardys, Hulk Hogan, & so on. Kevin Nash & Booker T knew when it was time to leave, and if it wasn't for the Carters, likely at Bischoff's insistence, opening the checkbook for Sting, he's likely bound for Atlanta on April 2 to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

And so it is that TNA continues on the same slippery path it's trod since day one. The end of the road can't come soon enough.
After I wrote this, it came to my attention that Hardy had been sent home by TNA, scratched from the tapings for Impact for this week & next. There is an unconfirmed report claiming that Hardy may in fact be already fired. Stress "unconfirmed", as I've not been able to locate a site that has any actual details as of press time. TNA should've known what to expect when they welcomed Hardy back 14 1/2 months ago, but then, they never leave the door open for common sense, and that is their biggest failing.

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