Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Might've Been: Run, Buddy, Run (1966)

The Fugitive was nearing the end of his run. Leonard Stern and his staff decided to have a little fun with it by creating a sitcom that would send another innocent man on the run, but this time, from the Mob.

Run, Buddy, Run was created as a vehicle for actor-musician Jack Sheldon, better known as a jazz artist and frequent guest on The Merv Griffin Show, but to a couple of generations of kids, starting in the 70's, Sheldon was also heard as one of the rotating vocalists on ABC's Schoolhouse Rock series of shorts.

Buddy Overstreet (Sheldon) is minding his own business in a sauna when he overhears a conversation among some wiseguys, including the code words, "Chicken Little". Once the national leader, a Mr. Devere (Bruce Gordon, ex-The Untouchables), determines that Overstreet had overheard, he of course orders a hit. And, so, Buddy begins his journey, which unfortunately, lasted just one season.

Run, Buddy, Run last aired on TV Land---back when they actually aired older shows and didn't compress the credits---as part of a promotion where viewers were given the opportunity to pick their own shows. That lasted only a couple of years, a wasted opportunity if there ever was one.

Future Emmy winner Ted Knight is the narrator in the intro, uploaded by (like, DUH!) Runbuddyrunnow.

To think that this came from the same studio that gave us Get Smart......

Rating: None. Never saw the show.

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