Thursday, February 21, 2019

Musical Interlude: Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (1967)

From season 1 of The Monkees comes a performance of the Neil Diamond-penned "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)", from the episode, "Monkee Mother", with guest star Rose Marie (2nd appearance).

In memory of Peter Tork, who has passed away at 77 from tongue cancer. The Monkees are now a duo (Micky Dolenz & Mike Nesmith), and are scheduled to hit the home district next month.


magicdog said...

I was brokenhearted when I heard the news!

I had last seen Peter performing with Micky for the 50th anniversary tour in Las Vegas. He still could rock the crowd! I didn't even know that his cancer had returned, so I was surprised he had died seemingly so suddenly.

Also to note about this clip you used, it came from the episode, "Monkee Mother", which was one of the most emotional ones from the series' run. Not to mention Rose Marie's character having married Larry the Moving Man - played by Officer Krupke himself, William Bramley.

hobbyfan said...

And I have Monkee Mother over at Saturday Morning Archives in its entirety.