Monday, March 26, 2012

Bert Randolph Sugar (1937-2012)

Chances are, you can't watch a documentary on boxing or baseball without seeing Bert Randolph Sugar, noted author and boxing historian, being interviewed on either subject. Sugar, out of his 88 books, wrote the vast majority about baseball, but more people will recognize him, with his omnipresent cigar and fedora, as the go-to guy for trivial nuggets about boxing. It seemed as though Sugar would be around forever, but it is not to be.

On Sunday, Sugar passed away at 74, and with him goes a lifetime of knowledge of the two sports he was most passionate about. He was frequently interviewed on ESPN, most recently, I think, when Joe Frazier passed away a few months back. When Fox Sports Net had their short lived series, The Sports List, he was often seen discussing various topics pertaining to either boxing or baseball. The next boxing broadcast on either ESPN or SNY (Broadway Boxing) or elsewhere will likely pay special tribute to Sugar.

Rest in peace.

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