Thursday, March 15, 2012

Even kids are filling out brackets

Yahoo! Sports is reporting the story of an enterprising 5th grader in Omaha, Nebraska, who was sent to the principal's office for-----get this----starting an NCAA tournament bracket pool among classmates. Since he was charging money, it was, of course, constituted as illegal gambling.

What is weird is that this is going on in an elementary school. While there isn't a stated age limit on a lot of tournament pools, even though it's understood in some cases you'd have to be 18 at the very least to play, you have to give the young man, Max Kohll, some credit for trying. His mother knew what he was doing, because she loaned him $5 to start, and he assured her he was handling the money himself.

The bracket was closed per principal's orders, but you can bet this kid'll be at it again off-campus another time. The way Yahoo! described it, his organizational skills might make certain pro sports team owners jealous just on principle alone.


magicdog said...

Gotta give the kid credit!

OK, so gambling for money is wrong for his age but maybe they could have used this as a way for young kids to learn about organization skills and maybe gain a new appreciaion for sports.

I just hope the kid isn't ultimately driven to a life of crime as a bookie!

hobbyfan said...

Maybe ESPN will hire him in about 10-15 years.