Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ernie Williams (1935-2012)

New York's "Ambassador of the Blues", Ernie Williams, passed away earlier today at 87 after a heart attack.

Williams was born in Virginia, and relocated to New York sometime in the 60's, forming his first blues band then, but it wasn't until the mid-90's that I had even heard of him. Williams and his band, the Wildcats, released a CD, "Sun Goin' Down", which was a bonafide classic, including the locally-released single, "World I Used To Know".

Blessed with an infectious smile and good, gentlemanly nature, Williams was showing no signs of retiring. According to an article on Fox affiliate WXXA's website, he was scheduled for gigs this summer.

Following is a concert clip of Williams from 2006 in Scotia, performing "For Your Precious Love":

I've had the privelege of seeing Williams in concert on a number of occasions, and I have to tell you, the man was a fantastic talent.

Rest in peace, Ernie. They're going to be playing the blues for you in Heaven. Yes, yes, yes.

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