Sunday, March 11, 2012

On The Air: Are You Serious? (2012)

The second WWE-YouTube series we're reviewing is Are You Serious?, which takes a look back at some of the promotion's more ridiculous moments, and those of WCW and others that are in the company's voluminous library. Josh Mathews, the busiest guy on the roster these days, teams with former tag team champ Road Dogg (Brian James), and the gimmick is that these two are being forced to watch these clips due to some as-yet-unrevealed offense committed by the D-O-Double-G. Somehow, they managed to convince the Muppets to create a Triple H puppet as a sideshow attraction.

Uploaded by WWEFanNation:

Sometimes, it's good to look back at this silliness and laugh.

Rating: A.

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