Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rockin' Funnies: When The Radio Is On (1989)

Paul Shaffer is best known as David Letterman's bandleader, and has played with a wide range of musicians, from Todd Rundgren to the late Earl Scruggs. In 1989, Shaffer released his debut CD, "Coast To Coast", which produced one hit single, "When The Radio Is On". Shot mostly in black & white, Shaffer gets some lyrical aid from rappers Kool Moe Dee and Will "Fresh Prince" Smith. Pop legend Dion also appears. In fact, Shaffer basically is borrowing the look Dion sported for his own CD, "Yo, Frankie!", released around the same time.

Uploaded by Bronxroll. Forgive the brief defect in the middle as there was a tape issue in the course of uploading the video to YouTube. Can't be helped.

Shaffer has only released one more CD of his own since, busy as he is with his other gig......

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