Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Musical Interlude: Vehicle (1970)

History tells us that Julius Caesar was warned about the Ides of March, but in that case it had to do with an assassination attempt on him.

Music history tells of another kind of Ides of March, a 1-hit wonder who broke through in 1970 with "Vehicle". Jim Peterik would later spin off from the band and hook up with Survivor, who had a string of hits in the 80's, beginning with the theme from "Rocky III", "Eye of the Tiger". Cattman2 uploaded this clip, taken from the little seen 1970 series, Something Else, hosted by actor-comedian John Byner.


magicdog said...

I never knew this band has connections to Survivor! They were one of my favorite bands back in the 80s!

hobbyfan said...

Hey, I didn't know, either, until I did the research.

And to think the Ides were a Blood, Sweat, & Tears knockoff band at first listen........