Monday, April 29, 2013

Classic TV: Quincy, M. E. (1976)

Originally a component of the NBC Mystery Movie, Quincy, M. E. became far more successful as a stand-alone series, lasting 7 seasons before ending in 1983.

It had been a year since The Odd Couple ended when Jack Klugman was cast as the mono-monickered Dr. Quincy, a coroner who ended up helping the police solve murders. Helping the good doctor in the lab was his assistant, Sam (Robert Ito), while in turn, Quincy was both a help and a bit of an annoyance to Lt. Monahan (Garry Walberg, who appeared with Klugman occasionally on Odd Couple). As you could tell from the open, Quincy was also a ladies man, but producer Glen Larsen decided to put an end to Quincy's wandering eye by giving him a wife (Anita Gillette) near the end of the show's run.

To be sure, the CSI franchise wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for Quincy opening the door for viewers to get a look at how important forensic sciences are to police work.

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