Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Musical Interlude: Mr. Businessman (1968)

Most people only know singer-songwriter Ray Stevens for his off-beat novelties, such as "Guitarzan", "Ahab The Arab", and, most notably, "The Streak". But Stevens has his serious side, too. 1968's "Mr. Businessman" appealed to the counter-culture revolution of the period. Unfortunately, there isn't an actual clip of Stevens performing the song that I could use. MrPurser put a picture of the Monument Records mono 45 up, and let the song play.

And, then, there is a stereo version, uploaded by MusicClipsVideo, which plays behind a FakeryTV montage, which includes GW Bush and the Clintons.....

Stevens would score another, even more serious hit 2 years later with the gospel themed "Everything is Beautiful", which, until "The Streak", became his signature song.

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