Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sports this 'n' that

Union College was the last team from my district vying for a winter season championship, but were denied entry into the NCAA Frozen Four, losing Sunday to ECAC rival Quinnipiac, 5-1, the same score by which the Dutchmen had beaten Boston College the night before. Congratulations to coach Rick Bennett and the Dutchmen on another sensational season. The rivalry between Union & Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is on a par with UAlbany vs. Siena in basketball, as momentum shifts between the two schools every so often. Maybe one day, both RPI & Union will make the Frozen Four. Like, hey, stranger things have happened.

Everyone, including this writer, picked the Mets to finish 4th in the National League East, miles in back of Washington. Well, the Amazin's served notice Monday that even though Johan Santana is gone, presumably for good this time, due to re-tearing his surgically repaired shoulder, they will be players in the division. Then again, we've seen teases like this before. While I didn't see the game, I am heartened by the 11-2 thumping they administered to San Diego opening day. I just can't see them doing that to Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco, et al.........

787 Pro Wrestling is no more. After three shows, the promotion is changing, due to some issues that cropped up at their last show 9 days ago. General Manager J. P. Black addressed this issue recently in the first public comments since the promotion's website and Twitter & Facebook pages were shut down a week ago............

In the hours immediately following the 787 Pro Wrestling event entitled “Chase for The Championships,” a number of issues were brought to my attention by the Ultimate Wrestling Board of Directors, New York State, and fans that were in attendance. The biggest issue that needed to be addressed was the behavior of two particular wrestlers – 787 Pro Wrestling Star Cloudy, and the 787 Pro Wrestling Champion himself, Vik Dalishus.
787 Pro Wrestling was created upon the foundation of being a company aimed to entertain to the masses in a family-friendly environment. That has been the mission since the inception of this company and it shall remain that way for the entire duration of 787 Pro Wrestling’s existence. We do not condone, nor tolerate vulgarity of any kind, whether it be verbal or physical in nature.
The actions of Cloudy and Vik Dalishus are highly frowned upon by the entire Board of Directors, and their actions will be addressed in greater detail in the very near future. For the time being, there is no immediate punishment for either wrestler going forward. However, we recognize the severity of their actions and have decided to make a swift, wholesale change to our wrestling company.
Therefore, effective immediately, the brand of 787 Pro Wrestling has been folded and will cease to exist from this day forward. In its place, the Board Directors and myself have agreed to maintain the name of our governing body, Ultimate Wrestling. The new brand extension, specifically named Ultimate Wrestling EAST, will hold its next event as scheduled. “RedLine” will take place on Sunday May 5th, 2013 2:30pm at the Troy Boys and Girls Club.
Since our inaugural event back in January, we have set out to change the face of the Independent Wrestling scene in the Capital Region, and we intend to continue that mission by upholding our promise to deliver family-friendly entertainment in a fun and exciting atmosphere. It is the foundation upon which this company has been built and we will continue to deliver the very best of what we offer. Please continue to stay up to date on events, matches, and all news regarding Ultimate Wrestling at our new website, ultimatewrestlingeast.webs.com, new facebook page, facebook.com/UWeast, new twitter page, twitter.com/UWeast, and main website UltimateWrestling.US. Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you all in Troy on May 5th.
J.P. Black
General Manager
Ultimate Wrestling EAST
Whew! If I were Vik Dalishus & Cloudy, though, I'd be thinking about going to confession. Considering there are a handful of churches in the immediate vicinity of the Boys & Girls Club........!

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