Monday, April 1, 2013

On DVD: Slappily Married (1946)

Before joining The Three Stooges, Joe DeRita starred in a quartet of 2-reel shorts for Columbia, all of which can be found on a 3-disc Stooge DVD compilation that also features shorts starring Shemp Howard & Joe Besser.

You may have figured out that when DeRita finally joined the team to do movies, he'd shaved his head so's to closely resemble the late Curly Howard. Well, in "Slappily Married", a remake of an Andy Clyde short from a few years prior, DeRita has a full head of dark hair, combed to resemble Shemp's signature 'do.

Stooge damsel Christine McIntyre plays Joe's wife. Uploaded by 2reelers.

I'd say he should've quit while he was ahead, but he was never really leading man material.

Rating: C.

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