Monday, February 23, 2015

Classic TV: Sea Hunt (1958)

If someone asked you about TV producer Ivan Tors, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Of course, it'd be either Daktari or Gentle Ben or Flipper. But before he forged a working relationship with MGM, which produced all three, Tors worked with Ziv Television on his first two series.

The first was Sea Hunt, which launched in January 1958, and ran for 4 seasons total. Lloyd Bridges starred as ex-Navy frogman Mike Nelson, who now was a freelancer who helped battle spies and common crooks. Tors had tried to sell Sea Hunt to the networks, but was unsuccessful, and partnered with Ziv to put the show in syndication.

Following is the series premiere, "60 Feet Below":

More than 25 years after the series ended, Sea Hunt was revived, again for syndication, this time with Ron Ely (ex-Tarzan) as Nelson. Ely's TV debut was in Tors' next series, The Aquanauts, aka Malibu Run, which lasted just 1 season, as did the 1987 remake of Hunt. Today, Sea Hunt airs on This TV, and distribution rights are held by MGM, and, assuming by extension/association, Sony.

Rating: B.


Elliot James said...

I loved this show as a kid and still do. Bridges made scuba diving popular. The remake sunk without a trace.

hobbyfan said...

The remake tanked because of lack of interest.