Sunday, February 8, 2015

Girl Power: The Warrior (1984)

Scandal followed the success of "Goodbye to You" with 1984's CD & single, "The Warrior", which offered a different sort of sound.

There's a reason why this video was in very heavy airplay in the summer of '84.......

"The Warrior", however, was Scandal's swan song, and singer Patty Smyth would move on to a solo career, as previously documented.


magicdog said...

Always loved this tune but the video is just plain 80s cheese! Even back in '84 it was ridiculous!

I had thought this was Patty's first solo single apart from Scandal but I could just be misremembering.

Every now and then when I'm working out or kick boxing - this song plays in my head like a female equivalent to the Rocky theme!

magicdog said...


I remember years later in an interview Smyth said she hated this video. She said a French stylist was brought in to design the sets and her wardrobe. Symth said the outfit she wore was unflattering and made her look much shorter than she really was. I can only imagine what she might have looked like had she been given more freedom in this video.

hobbyfan said...

I never did quite the get the concept of the video, to tell you the truth. The rest of the band wasn't really there, so it was treated as if this was a solo track, a la George Michael's Wham! video for "Careless Whisper", which some say was supposed to be a solo track, too.