Friday, February 13, 2015

Video Valentine: Game of Love (1965)

Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders had two big hits in the 60's. "Groovy Kind of Love" was covered some 20 years after its initial run as a solo hit for Phil Collins from his film, "Buster". "Game of Love" hit the charts in 1965, which would explain its inclusion in the soundtrack to Barry Levinson's "Good Morning, Vietnam", which came out 22 years later.

The following clip is taken from Hullabaloo. Like, let's take a time trip, yo.


magicdog said...

Always loved this tune - in fact The Mindbenders had a few good tunes after Wayne Fontana left.

I enjoyed "She Needs Love", "Off & Running", and "It's Getting Harder" (which they performed in the classic film, "To Sir With Love").

hobbyfan said...

This song and "Groovy Kind of Love" were the only Mindbenders songs I've ever heard. Methinks I have to find a greatest hits CD.