Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Might've Been: Highcliffe Manor (1979)

In the winter of 1979, NBC decided to try to parody soap operas, which dominated their afternoon lineup back then. Unfortunately, audiences weren't quite ready for Highcliffe Manor, which aspired to at least be a poor man's Soap, which aired on a different night over on ABC, and was a huge hit. Manor, on the other hand, didn't get very far past the spring thaw, if that.

Shelley Fabares (ex-The Donna Reed Show) headed an ensemble which also included the likes of Harold Sakata (Oddjob from the movie "Goldfinger"), Luis Avalos (ex-The Electric Company), Stephen McHattie, and soap vet Gerald Gordon (The Doctors).

Gilmore Box provides the open:

Audrey Landers would later co-star on Dallas, but at least now we know why she seemed so at home on a soap set.

Rating: C.

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