Thursday, February 12, 2015

Musical Interlude: Knock Three Times (1970)

Here's a little something you might not know about Tony Orlando & Dawn.

While Telma Hopkins & Joyce Vincent Wilson were the visible backing singers behind Orlando, as shown in the following video, it wasn't until after "Knock Three Times", and the title tune from Dawn's debut album, "Candida", climbed the charts. Toni Wine, better known for the female vocals for the Archies, was among the studio singers working with Orlando, who had given up recording demos and was working as a producer at the time.

"Knock" hit #1 in early 1971, after "Candida' peaked in the top 5. The group would later land their own TV show, which lasted a couple of years before being cancelled. Hopkins would move on to a very successful acting career, continuing today in the cast of Are We There Yet?, based on the Ice Cube movie of the same name.

Right now, here'a rarity in and of itself. A clean shaven Tony Orlando, with Dawn, and "Knock Three Times":


magicdog said...

That is the first time I've ever seen Orlando sans 'stache!

I thought there was baby pictures of him with one!

It's another great song I'd always loved! I never tire of it.

I also remember Telma Hopkins from the old "Bosom Buddies" series, as aspiring singer Isabelle who also lived in the boy's building.
She also played Nell's best friend on "Gimmie A Break".

hobbyfan said...

And let's not forget Family Matters.

Anyway, that's also the 1st I've seen a clean shaven Orlando. Who knew?